Kabiela to Sponsor Annual MR2 Bear Mountain Meet


Kabiela is proud to be a sponsor of the annual MR2 Owner’s Club Northeast Region’s Bear Mountain Joe Pearlstein Memorial Rally 2011, to be held October 22, 2011 Saturday from 8AM to ~5PM. It is the largest meet of MR2s in the Northeast USA with over 100 MR2s and Celica AllTracs in attendance. We will […]

Why Niches Are Becoming More Important for Deals

by Justin Cener | July 11, 2011 In the month since Groupon‘s S-1 filing, there has been a lot of criticism directed at the nascent daily deals industry. Some say that the deals model is unsustainable, while others claim that running a deal can cripple a small business. But before jumping on that bandwagon, it’s […]

What Daily Deal Sites Can Learn From Social Media

by Zephrin Lasker, Contributor, Forbes.com | July 5, 2011 You may or may not know someone who has seen The Book of Mormon, but chances are you know someone who has been on a daily deal site. According to BIAKelsey, daily deal sites will generate $1.24 billion in U.S. consumer spending this year and are predicted to […]

Why Daily Deal Sites Are Here to Stay

by John Amato | July 5, 2011 John Amato is the CEO of MarketSharing, a premium business-to-business deals provider for exceptional business products and services. Follow @MarketSharing on Twitter for more information and the latest deals for businesses. If something is too good to be true, then it probably is. But once in a generation, an idea (or […]